A Priest A Brothel and the Fox

Join Jack Stern’s adventurous foray into the world of the bizarre and the supernatural.

Resurrection in Mauritius

A Jack Stern Adventure

A Priest A Brothel and the Fox

Charismatic entrepreneur Jack Stern loves nothing more than adventure tinged with mischief. On a journey to inspect his newly acquired business in Newburn, Jack chances upon a disillusioned priest, Fr Brendan O’Reilly, at a roadside cafe.

Over dinner and drinks, Jack tricks Brendan into swapping identities. But when Brendan arrives in Newburn, he discovers the business he must run is a brothel! Meanwhile, Jack preaches radical theology in the inner sanctums of the Catholic Church.

Chaos ensues when the ghost of a murdered priest reveals the Church’s involvement in criminal black market activities. When Brendan and Jack investigate, they are pursued by an array of assassins, including an ancient demonic being.

Together the silver fox and the priest are enmeshed in an action-packed cat and mouse game until the final, public showdown at St Pious Church.

Resurrection in Mauritius

Jack Stern’s second adventure is a continuation of the first in which three stories seemingly unrelated are intertwined to share a common theme:


Jack Stern and Fr Brendan O’Reilly holiday in Mauritius were they discover a decaying Alien church which Brendan brings back to life. Once the media cover the story thousands of pilgrims seeking salvation flock to the island from all over the globe much to the disdain of the Vatican’s power brokers who do not want a second coming of Christ and therefore act accordingly.

Jack Stern acts to protect and rescue Rome’s monetary investment in an Australian natural therapies company under siege by the health department with devastating political and biblical consequences.

Meanwhile Frank Max Climax, a faceless London vagabond, in addition to the Mafia in America, word hard to cripple the pharmaceutical industry by rendering all mediations inactive and substituting their own.

Assassin Ivan Gallows, alias the D-Man, seeks to restore his destructive powers by all means possible and eliminate Jack Stern once and for all.

A Few Words
About MJ Jurand

M J Jurand was born in Australia to a Polish father and German mother and raised as a Catholic.
Always observant he took careful note of went on inside the Catholic Church when he was an altar boy and later as an acolyte.

He is a lateral thinking pharmacist with a strong creative streak and has written two articles for Nexus magazine “Food for the skin”  and  “Hope for Dementia with Novel Aged Garlic” He will shortly embark on research to determine if this novel garlic holds a key to overcoming microbial
antibiotic resistance.

The author’s profound imagination has resulted in the creation of unique food based health and beauty products found at ww.naturalsecrets.com The same imagination led to the creation of Jack Stern and his adventures. There are four novels in the series so far.

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