Jack Stern relished his newfound adventure in life . His appalling breakfast was uplifted by the warm attention showered upon him by the parish housekeeper, Miss Yvette Bell . ‘Such a lovely attrac- tive girl, pity she has devoted her life to the church, she would have made such an excellent lover and wife . But then, one never knows, supposing her true vocation in life is to keep the priests from leaving the church,’ Jack thought, as he surveyed her wonderfully fine features and started to become physically drawn to her .

“Yvette .”
“Yes Father .”
“Are you French?”
“No, I was born here, but my parents are .”
“So you were raised in the French tradition?”
“Yes, I was, quite strictly .”
“Ever been back to France?”
“Twice with my parents when I was much younger . It is a wonderful

place, full of culture, but somehow I did not fit in . I am sort of lost between two worlds, living here in this great country with its partic- ular way of life and realising that I also don’t fit in entirely because France is the home of my soul but my body wants to be elsewhere . It is very difficult . That is why I have chosen to be here in this parish, it offers a sanctuary until I sort myself out .”