The first sip of Cognac took Brendan’s breath away; it burnt his tongue and throat but once they settled, the beauty of sun- drenched grapes intermingled with majestic oak hit him .

“You approve?”
“I do,” said Brendan in a vow-making fashion .
“A lifelong association?”
“It has its possibility,” he replied .
“Like the priesthood? How many sips will it take to convince you?”
“Another 2 or 3 and then I shall probably agree to anything .” “Anything?”
“Yes, anything .”
“The French are rather good at what they do, that is why they are so arrogant .” Jack suggested “Really?”

“Haven’t you seen that amongst some of your fellow priests?” Jack asked

“Come to think of it, I have, especially the bishops .” “Do you want to become like them?”